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Might as Well Dream Big

They say if you say something out loud you are more likely to follow through with it.  If so, hopefully sharing our journey to play all of the top 100 courses in the UK & Ireland will help us realize our dream.  Along the way, we'll share our perspective on each top 100 course.  

The Tire Brothers Approach Redux

As we aren't qualified to base our course evaluations using any sort of Pritchard Scale, we'll copy the approach of the Michelin brothers.  Is the course good, worth a detour, or worth a special trip.  To avoid ambiguity, we'll define a "Special Trip" as any course meriting a 5-hour journey and set the threshold for "Worth A Detour" at 3-hours.  That leaves "Good" for any course which can be safely reached without a nature break.  Despite a once promising career in go-karting, the Kid doesn't handle sitting in a car particularly well, so be forewarned we're going to be pretty stingy awarding stars.

Our rating will be based on our enjoyment of each experience.  Courses set in stunning landscapes will generally fare well.  Ones that are featureless and fade from memory won't.  We'll also pay close attention to how well each course is maintained, realizing the inherent unfairness given we'll be visiting different courses at different points of the year and over different years.  We'll take note of the history of particular courses, but not penalize new comers.  We won't pretend to disassociate spectacular clubhouses from our assessment.  We won't be overly concerned about shot values or green speeds.  Instead of coming up with a complicated scorecard, we'll simplify our ranking asking one question.  If we only had one chance to replay one course vs. another, which one would we choose.   

Training Aid Reviews Too

Along the way, we'll also share our thoughts on some training aids.  If there's one thing we learned from this famed instructor, it's the value of non-traditional training approaches.  We're willing to suspend disbelief and try almost anything to become better.

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