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Updated: Feb 9, 2019

SuperSpeed Golf All Star and Pee Wee Training Systems

Force equals mass times acceleration. Physics dictates to hit a golf ball further a greater force must be delivered at impact. While the math involved in translating club head speed into carry figures (and then actual yardage) is pretty complicated, the correlation between the two is clearly positive. Swing the club faster to gain distance.

SuperSpeed Golf has developed various training systems to enable golfers to maximize club head speed. These include: long-drive, men's, ladies, seniors and 3 junior versions. Each system includes three different sticks - a light, medium and heavy stick. The sticks all resemble a normal club, but with a weight at the end instead of a club head. The weights and shaft lengths vary between the different systems, but the shaft length within a particular set are the same. The sets are designed such that the weight of a standard driver is intended to fall between the medium and heavy stick.

Results will obviously vary, but both Big and Little realized tremendous gains using their SuperSpeed sticks. Big gained close to 20 mph of club head speed in approx. 12 months - hitting 99 mph with the lightest stick. Little gained over 35 mph over same time period (again based on the lightest stick). Clearly, some of these gains were driven by their physical maturation, but their training with their SuperSpeed sticks definitely helped. (This causality is further evidenced as their numbers have recently come down as have been somewhat lax with their training over the holidays.)

Training with the SuperSpeed sticks had the added benefit of dramatically enhancing Little's technique. Prior to her training with the SuperSpeed sticks, she had a tendency to decelerate the club at impact. Using the SuperSpeed sticks, she almost instantly learned to swing through on her own.

Big had a different experience. Big's technique suffered chasing speed. His grip became excessively strong. His balance suffered, but not as much as this guy. Even Long John would have definitely disapproved of how far back Big started bringing his club. Very important not to ingrain poor fundamentals.

Final Verdict

Product is effective, but definitely needs to be used cautiously and consistently. Definitely use in conjunction with a radar device and record your progress. This other guy could have probably built something similar on his own utilizing paper clips, but definitely not as handy. No regrets as sticks are well built and durable. (Only issue was foam around the weights for some of the sticks started tearing so ripped them all off). Would note to measure expectations. Not every session will be an improvement from the one prior, but hopefully your overall progression will also be positive.

Scorecard (out of 5)

Impact: 5

Ease of Use: 5

Bang for Buck: 4 (bit pricey)

Buy Again ?: Yes - definitely

Category: Swing trainer

Price: $189.99 - $199.99 depending on set (Long-Drive is $299.99)

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