Updated: Feb 9, 2019

Orange Whip Compact And Junior Swing Trainer

Preparing for the All Valley Tournament

If Miyagi had been a golf instructor, he probably would trained new students exclusively with the Orange Whip save for some creative way to fit in the odd home improvement project. Read on and we’ll explain why.

What’s In a Name ?

Sometimes names do have meaning and the inventor of the Orange Whip did a pretty good job of selecting one. The Orange Whip is a swing trainer which has a traditional grip, but with a flexible shaft and an orange rubber ball at the end. The ball acts as a counter-balance and coupled with the flexible shaft creates a whipping action when swung. If your sequencing is off, you will instantly feel it.

The Orange Whip comes in 4 different versions: 3 adult versions (Trainer, Mid-Size and Compact) and a single junior version. The versions vary pretty significantly in both length and weight:

  • Trainer: Longest and heaviest version (47 inches / 1.75lbs)

  • Mid-Size: In-between option (43 inches / 1.7 lbs)

  • Compact: Shortest version (35.5 inches), but still a hefty 1.65lbs

  • Junior: Longer than Compact (38"), but by far the lightest option (1.3lbs)

Our collection of training aids includes the Trainer, Compact and Junior versions.

The Good. The Bad. Any Ugly ?

The Orange Whip is an incredible full swing training aid to improve tempo and rhythm. The exaggerated feedback it provides helps improve downswing sequencing. The whipping action also corrects any potential deceleration of the club at impact (which was an initial problem for Little). One might be able to realize the same benefits by swinging a piece of rope, but with the risk of doing this.

Strongly recommend to trial the different options before deciding to pull the trigger (or otherwise you might end up with a large collection of whips like us). Eagle Dad wishes he had opted for the Mid-Size from the get go. The Trainer requires a lot of space to swing (as it is longer than a standard driver). Should consult with a pro, but believe may inadvertently promote a flatter swing plane given the longer shaft length. The Compact can safely be swung indoors, but feels a bit short. (Note the resistance provided by the Trainer is far greater than Compact despite what the small weight differential might suggest). The Mid-Size seems just right, but haven't trialled to confirm.

Maybe nit-picking (and maybe not applicable for you), but there is no version appropriate for the most junior of junior golfers. Big (age 10 and plays with a US Kids Size 54”) can comfortably swing the Junior Orange Whip. However, it’s a struggle for Little (who is 8 and plays with a US Kids Size 45”) given its length. The Compact was originally purchased as seemed like might be a viable option for her given it's shorter shaft. However, it's not as the weight is too much.

Final Verdict

The Orange Whip is consistently rated as one of the top golf training aids. Do we concur ? We don't want to be left questioning ourselves afterwards like this guy, so will be definitive. We concur. The product is highly effective at improving tempo and rhythm. Major improvements can be realized in one or two sessions. Have been somewhat underutilized, but committed to more regularly including in training. Would recommend SuperSpeed sticks over the Orange Whip if looking for one training aid to improve club head speed. However, would recommend the opposite if seeking aid to work on technique. Intrigued by the Orange Whip Wedge and Putter so keep an eye out for future reviews on them.

Scorecard (out of 5)

Impact: 5

Ease of Use: 5

Bang for Buck: 5

Buy Again ?: Yes – but would go for Mid-Size instead

Category: Swing trainer

Price: $99.00 for junior version / $109.00 for other versions

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